Wine and Apple Pie

Slovenski bralci, kliknite tu. So I was planning on making an elaborate dish Slovenia usually flaunts at formal international events, for example the Café Europe. It’s called gibanica and is made of several layers of apple, walnut, poppyseed and sweet cheese filling, separated by filo dough. It’s very good, but the thought of filo intimidated me a bit (and I was too lazy to run … Nadaljuj z branjem Wine and Apple Pie

Buckwheat mešta with baked sauerkraut

Slovenski bralci, kliknite sem.   mé-šta (e as the a in able, š = sh) For the premiere of this year’s Vegan Month of Food, I have decided to present two delicious, but simple dishes. The recipes I based them upon come from an old book of Slovene national cuisine, and I was really surprised to compare the cooking styles of then and now. Large … Nadaljuj z branjem Buckwheat mešta with baked sauerkraut