Buckweat and tofu štruklji rolls

Slovenski bralci, kliknite tu. štru-klji (shtroo-klee) Here’s the belated post I had planned on posting yesterday. As we know, life doesn’t always go according to plan, but never mind that – there’s always tomorrow 🙂 Anyhow, here’s a recipe for deliciously tender rolls we Slovenes call štruklji. By the end of this week, you’ll have learnt a bunch of weird old Slovene words! This variety … Nadaljuj z branjem Buckweat and tofu štruklji rolls

Jota stew

Slovenski bralci, kliknite tu. jó-ta (o like in toy, but without the y) You know the feeling. It creeps up on you every autumn, even though you prepare for it with sweaters, socks, gloves, the works. Somewhere, somehow, it gets you, and unknowing, you continue on. Two days later, you’re stuck in bed, head about to burst, all openings stuffed and all you can think … Nadaljuj z branjem Jota stew

Buckwheat mešta with baked sauerkraut

Slovenski bralci, kliknite sem.   mé-šta (e as the a in able, š = sh) For the premiere of this year’s Vegan Month of Food, I have decided to present two delicious, but simple dishes. The recipes I based them upon come from an old book of Slovene national cuisine, and I was really surprised to compare the cooking styles of then and now. Large … Nadaljuj z branjem Buckwheat mešta with baked sauerkraut