who’s the seitanist?

A seitanist is someone who eats seitan.

This one is a formerly blue-haired girl living in the center of Slovenia’s cute little capital and answers to the name Vesna. Soon, eight years will have passed since she chose the tough, boring and protein-poor path of veganism*. About five years ago, when “seitanist” had a different name, she described herself  thus – but today, being smarter and wiser (she claims), her life consists of finding tangents and derivatives of working with the best team in the world at ABC Accelerator, writing her Bachelors’ thesis as she concludes her International Business studies, being involved in the local game dev scene, and then somehow, somehow thread a little bit of arts and crafts into that spool of life. She’s quite the foodie and loves to try out new ingredients, dishes and restaurants – #foodporn and #selfie posts do flood her Instagram account, she admits.

When she finds the time and especially motivation, she swings her trusty paintbrush and pours her soul onto canvas (the larger, the better), or grabs a crochet hook and threads a something black. She enjoys her marathons, but she really should work out more. She’s always up for a trip to the indie cinema or a nicely thick and heavy concert. She’s into awesomeness like tattoos, cats and craft beer. Anyways, that’s pretty much her. She usually won’t bite if you write her.

Vesna Drofenik

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*nah, j/k.